"In training horses, one trains himself"  - Antoine de Pluvinel

I’m Raina Marie Paucar and probably just as horse crazy as you are.

As an equine professional through my own practice, Ohio Equine Performance and Rehab. I believe holistic methods and modalities are the best for conditioning and training horses in regards to improving equine flexibility, strength, and mobility.  

I'm a retired professional jockey who has reschooled and rehabilitated ex-racehorses for adoption for more than 20 years.  My background and pursuits range from skills as a veterinary technician, certified equine massage therapist, certified equine kinesiology taping therapist and currently pursuing equine rehabilitation certification through the renown Animal Rehab Institute.

I'm the co-founder of the popular ex-racehorse adoption blog on the Emmy-Award Winning companion website, Equitrekking.com. I enjoy writing my own blog posts and creating courses specialized in helping other OTTB enthusiasts improve their riding and training skillsets. When I'm not at the barn, I enjoy reading the teachings from classical and modern masters such as Antoine de Pluvinel, Nuno Oliveira, Jean-Claude Racinet and Paul Belasik.

OTTB ACADEMY Is a Support Site for Equestrians Interested in Learning  Equine Conditioning Utilizing Holistic Therapies and Techniques for the Horse to Increase Flexibility, Strength, Mobility and Improve Range of Motion–With a Special Focus on Biomechanics and Off-The-Track-Thoroughbreds.

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