Learn How to Help Your Horse Achieve Better Mobility Through Playful Functional Movement Exercises.

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  • Dynamic Mobilization + Core Development + Therapeutic Stretching Exercises Aid in Improving Equine Posture, Core Stability and Increased Range of Motion

  • Learn  Simple Exercises Backed by Science That Top Horse Trainers Use to Get Their Horses Conditioned and Competing at Peak Performance

  • Develop the Building Blocks for Straightness, Balance and Suppleness in Your Horse Using Proven Holistic Methods

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Strong and Stretchy

In Less Than 20 Minutes You'll Learn Simple and Effective Holistic Techniques to Apply Immediately to Your Horse to Give Them Muscle Relief Today.

"In Training Horses, One Trains Himself" - Antoine De Pluvinel

[ONLINE WORKSHOP] The Importance of Range of Motion

Special Focus on Thoroughbreds and ex-racehorses

Muscle Anatomy

Learn why core exercises, stretches and massage therapy techniques are essential to improve range of motion for your horse.

Holistic Techniques

Science has proven the holistic technique of massage therapy improves range of motion. Discover ways you can help your horse with these simple techniques.


Discover how easy it can be to improve your horse's flexibility, strength and mobility by following a plan with clear and simple instructions that seconds a day.  

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